Crocs 1

Minor enemies only found in the Louisiana swampland in Liveside . If the player ignores Nettie 's warning to use the bear and go to Deadside and decides to wander around the swamp then the crocs will probably be discovered. They snort and hiss and will slowly crawl to take a bite out of Mike. They are very slow but have high defense and attack power. When making way to the flooded marshland near the white shed (with the Govi and the Shotgun) will be several Crocodiles swimming in the water. They are much faster and will still bite Mike or push him down underwater and he will drown. The swimming crocodiles cannot climb up on land. They can be destroyed with Mike's handgun or any other weapon found in the game.

When Shadow Man finds all the pieces of the L'Eclipser to bring night onto Liveside the crocodiles don't turn into a 'zombie form' like the Rottweilers do but rather look slightly more white and discolored, but will have the same mannerisms and attacks.

Different console versions

  • In the N64 version only their aren't any crocodiles in the water at all when it is daytime, except for extremely rare occasions like only the first time ever visiting Louisiana. Usually the underwater ones only show up when its night and even then there are only 2 or 3. 
  • In both the N64 and the PC versions the underwater Crocs are glitched most of the time clipping and being stuck on the rocks or the shed. 

Crocodiles in Shadow Man 2Edit

  • Shadow Man/ Mike cannot shoot any weapons underwater like in the first game so be sure to shoot all the crocs from on shore before diving into the water. The sniper rifle works best shooting them in the water from various distances.
  • In Shadow Man 2 Second Coming the crocodiles play a more important role because they are ten times more dangerous, plentiful and burdensome. They also have extremely high defense and attack. They can be found in an area in Louisiana that is a boat dock that matches the white submerged sheds, near where you are to find the Skeleton Birds.