Dark Soul
In the game, Dark Souls form the main objective, as Mike/Shadow Man is to collect them to progress through the game. There are 120 in existence. The ancients had tried to destroy these souls long ago, as it says in The Prophecy, but were unable to as the power of the Dark Souls served as their immortality. Most, if not all of them were sealed into Govi to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. In 1888, Legion had already possessed five of these and by the present, his servants had already managed to collect many more, storing them in various areas of the Asylum . In one case, several of them are already in the bodies of Trueforms (Legion's army of immortal monsters.) Five of the Dark Souls have already been placed in the bodies of "The Five", making them immortal. When Shadow Man absorbs each Dark Soul, they strengthen his voodoo powers and the amount of power he can use with his Shadowgun .