Deadwings (my screenshot)

Dead WingEdit

Dead Wings are only found in The Deadside and are flying zombies-like creatures. They have grey skin and black wings and appear to be female only. They are very loud and constantly screech. Dead Wings will spit green globs as their only weapon. They are always in large groups.


  • There is a cheat code that can be found in the game where you can play with the Dead Wing skin but it cannot fly & real Dead Wing enemies in the game will still attack you even though you look like them. The cheat is called "Play as Dead Wing" & in the Nintendo 64 version can be found on top of the pool table in a cell in the Asylum Playrooms. In the PC version go to the Temple Of Blood (Nager) and enter the small bonus room reached from the platform that is knocked down by the large hammer. In the DC version go to the maximum security cell in the Gardelle county jail after you kill the fat boss find the hole to drop down. Open the security gates. The cell is the one farthest to the left.


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