Dogman gimpman

concept art dogman


The Dogman or Gimpman is a humanoid dog-like creature that is only seen in the Asylum Playrooms. They are white skinned humans with blue dog heads that crawl around on all fours. They also wear restraining blue harnesses and whimper and bark also like dogs. They are the weakest enemy in the game (weaker than the rottweiler dogs) and easily go down with one fully charged shot from the ShadowGun (even with very little Shadow Power). They are usually seen in large packs in areas with bones or are locked in a cell somewhere in the Playrooms. From looking at their surroundings they probably live off of bones and unwanted flesh harvested by the Surgeons & Hookmen. Dogmen are one of many tortured suffering beings found in the Asylum.

Additional InfoEdit

  • The dogman is an experimental Asylum creature that the Surgeons created (according to the Shadow Man strategy guide).
  • The concept art image of the Dogman shows maybe more of what the creators were looking to create for this creature. Instead of looking like a dog its body resembles a man in a harness much like the Trueforms as they all fit the same category and were probably both made by the Surgeons. Its head is trapped in a cage so it is unknown if it is a human or a canine. Reguardless the concept image shows the true agony and torture this being goes through.


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