Flambeau or Torch is used as a weapon and to light up dark hallways in Deadside and the Asylum. It can be found near the entrance to the Fire Temple, and is hidden behind a coffin gate that requires a shadowpower of five to open.

When equipped, the Flambeau drains voodoo power at a rate of 100/5sec, so it is wise not to carry it all the time but only occasionally. When fired at enemies, it shoots an arcing fireball, consuming 500 woodoo power in the process. A full hit causes more damage to a single enemy than any other weapon except the Calabash.

The Flambeau's secondary function is to burn down the bloodstained tapestries of skin found in Deadside and the Wasteland.The tapestries hold caedaux and lifeforce energy most of the time, until Shadowman comes upon the Nager Temple where he will need the Flambeau to collect a Govi

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