Inmate Prison ZombieEdit


"Inmate" or "Prison zombie"

The Inmate is an enemy that is only found by Shadowman in the Gardelle County Jail. It is also the only real enemy that is found in Liveside other than the dogs and crocodiles.

They were formally caught up in a riot started by Batrachian and were killed after he systematically caused their heads to explode and resurrect their corpses. Some can still be found alive within the prison, but when they are startled by Shadowman, their heads will explode and they will attack him on sight. They attack with shotguns, automatic rifles and batons and can do quite a bit of damage.

They will appear as lifeless corpses at first that will spring to life when an intruder enters a specific area. The Inmate also has another kind of form, except they wear guard uniforms. They also utter a sick choking sound when nearby. Usually they attack in large groups.