Jack's Journal

Journal showing secrets of how the Dark Engine works

Jacks journal
Belonging to John G. Pierce, a.k.a. Jack the Ripper , Jack's Journal is an item that cound be found in game Shadow Man.

First introduced in the cutscenes of the game, Jack can be seen writing in it, his latest entries of five women he had killed and claimed to have loved before confronted by Legion . Once Mike/ Shadow Man travels to the abondoned Down St. Station where Jack now uses as his hideout, he comes across his diary, which now contains the secrets of the Asylum . These include how The Five managed to travel from Liveside to Deadside , the creation and transferring of Legion's armies from one plane to the other, and a layout of the Dark Engine which powers the Asylum. The diary also included the operating of the Asylum's machines through use of an Engineer's Key .