"Hey there, space cadet!" - Marco Cruz
Let's Play Shadow Man Part 42 - Marco Cruz

Let's Play Shadow Man Part 42 - Marco Cruz

Watch the end of the video for all of Marco's in game diologue

Marco Cruz (born March 13, 1968): Another member of The Five. Called the "Repo Man" by police due to his modus operandi of gaining entry to people's homes under the guise of a repossession agent, Marco preyed on couples in and around the Death Valley and Mojave Desert areas. He also worked as a DJ for a short period of time before being imprisoned in Gardelle County Jail Texas. The "Repo Man" symbol and poem were found near the victims, it reads:

For in the western deserts HE finds a form,
HE is the child with the mouth of blood,
The bleakness before the beginning of time,
HE is the glint of ice in a murder's eye,
The savage heart of every crime.

Marco is the most "flamboyant" of The Five serial killers with his flair for disco music, attire and not seeming to take anything seriously compared to the others. He carries a pistol and an electric prod he probably stole from a security guard while in the Gardelle County Jail. He wears a white cap, blue unbuttoned hawaiian shirt and orange pants similar to Batrachian and the other inmates. Like all the other serial killers Marco also has his own theme music that plays when Shadowman/Mike fights him. It is a track that Marco used to play when he was a DJ.

Additional InfoEdit

  • There is a secret for the PC version called "Disco Mode" that changes all the music in the game to Marco's theme music along with Shadowman/Mike wearing Marcos clothes and with rainbow lights in the background.
    Disco Theme

    Disco Theme

  • Marco was originally going to have his own 'stage' in the game rather than just being in the Gardelle County Jail, but due to lack of time it was never finished or released. The only things released about the ideas for the stage are the title 'Marco's Yard' its not known but it could have been set in the Mojave Desert.
  • Unused theme 'Yard'

    Unused theme 'Yard'

    In the PC version of Shadow Man an unused song titled 'Yard' is in the audio files but isn't used in the actual game. The song has a goofy errie disco feel much like the theme when fighting him. This song is possibly another 'track' that Marco made when he was a DJ.
  • Judging from the weapon being named "Marco Revolver" and the sound it uses, Marco may have used a Revolver Pistol instead of a Desert Eagle.