All the shadowmen beginning from 1800

Maxim St. James is a character mentioned in the video game Shadow Man in the book The Prophecy. As a previovs bearer of the Mask of Shadows, he too was tasked with performing the duties as a Shadow Man. During the 19th century, he had constructed passageways called the Paths of Shadow throughout Deadside to bring order to the realm and traverse them without hinderance. At the same time, he had gathered many ancient artifacts of power, some of which were found within the passageways. Eventually he was forced to halt his progress permanently after learning that a seed of darkness - which revealed itself as Legion - had came to Deadside. As such, he was forced too seal the passageways so that any form of evil could not use them and the artifacts within. Since the task was immense on his part and his powers weakening, the outer areas were not as sealed as well as the inner areas. In addition to the artifacts, Maxim had also left behind the Les Cartes du Prophete, cards which detailed the Prophecy in full and a letter to whomever would suceed him as the next Shadow Man, which in 1999 would be Michael LeRoi.