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Mikes handgun

Mike's HandgunEdit

Possibly a Desert Eagle (in the game files, it is referred to as "Deagle", or "Desert Eagle".) Michael LeRoi's handgun functions as a normal gun would except it never runs out of bullets. This gun can only be used in The Liveside and once using Luke's Teddy Bear to go to The Deadside it will morph into the ShadowGun

Additional InfoEdit

  • Mike's Handgun cannot shoot the Govis that are in Liveside because of it just being a regular gun despite the voodoo warrior that owns it.
  • Mike's Handgun also cannot help to defeat The Five
  • The handgun has the same effect in Shadowman 2 Second Coming except Mama Nettie doesn't give it to you, instead you retrieve it by defeating Papa Morte while also obtaining Mike's dads pocket watch. 

Embrace Darkshade (talk) 07:30, January 20, 2014 (UTC)

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