Ogouferay or the demon Ogoferael the second to last boss in Shadow Man: 2econd Coming.

Ogou Feray
Ps2 shadowman 2 17
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Dead
Appearances Shadow Man: 2econd Coming


Described as the fourth power, Ogouferay is one of six Grigori who serve Asmodeus and preparing for Armageddon that would result in the destruction of the world once the star Wormwood is in Ascension and Asmodeus released with the use of the Codex. His Dark Sepulcher is located within Deadside, mostly derelict in appearance and guarded by the Abominations and skeletal guards. He also seems to be part of, or the leader of the Duppies/Zombies, large humanoid beings who live within Deadside and speak their own language. Unlike his fellow Grigori, Ogouferay does not use a disguise of sorts, always appearing in his true form instead. While traversing through Deadside beyond the Boneyard gates, Ogouferay appeared several times to attack Shadow Man, using help from the Duppies before disappearing.[1]