Hookman chainsaw

An enemy in the game categorized as Brutal which includes Hookman, Sniper Guard Hookman and Organ Grinder Hookman.

Organ Grinder HookmanEdit

An Asylum only dwelling enemy with similar looks & behavior as the Hookman and the Sniper Guard Hookman. The Organ Grinder Hookman gets its name from butchering the organs harvested from the Deadsiders to ship to the Asylum Playrooms to get patched together by the Surgeons to create the Trueform army. They wear white shirts, black masks, red sleeves & pants and are always covered in blood. Their primary weapon is the chainsaw which they will chase after the player (usually in large groups) and slice them up. Their secondary weapon is a shield which gives them great defense even against the shadowgun. Organ Grinder Hookman are only found somewhat near the end of the game so they become a more worthy opponent attack and defense wise than the normal Hookman.


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