The Servants of the Asylum are featured varaintly in the game Shadow Man.

These servants are described by Legion as "misunderstood individuals" (serial killers, rapists, pedophiles, etc.) who will follow him and the members of The Five as the time of Apocalypse draws near. Part of their role as servants included helping to create the monstrous tower known as Asylum by John G. Pierce/Jack the Ripper's designs, a task that would last from 1888 until 1999 and eventually operating it daily. In addition, they would be sent throughout Deadside to seek out the Dark Souls to be used inside Legion's army of Trueforms , which would make them them immortal.

The Asylum's servants are armed variously, from hooks for hands to chainsaws and firearms . They will not hesitate to attack inturders (Shadow Man) and keep prisoners there (inhabitants of Deadside). They are only encountered within the areas of the Asylum and hardly outside of it.