A weapon only usable in The Liveside. One shotgun holds 50 rounds but when you have two you can hold 99 rounds. Probably the most powerful Liveside only weapon against The Five and the inmate enemies.

The first shotgun can be found in the very beginning of the game if you shoot the lock on the shed and drop down into the mine shaft. Swim through the water until you come to a cave, follow it until your outside again. Go to your right past all the crocodiles then into another shed-like building where all the swimming crocs are. The halfway submerged shed with a Govi in it holds the first shotgun.

The second shotgun is found a lot later in the game on your journey through the Gardelle County Jail when trying to find The Lizard King aka Victor Batrachian. It is on an operating table in a hospital type room filled with inmates.
Shotgun ammo

Shotgun ammo

Additional InfoEdit

  • In the Dreamcast and N64 versions of Shadowman you can unlock a secret called 'I like Deadside shotguns'. But there won't be any ammo for them in Deadside.
  • In the PC and Dreamcast versions of Shadowman you can unlock 'Shotgun Head Mode' that turns the empty shells left behind into severed heads!
  • If you kill anything in Deadside with the Shotgun you won't be able to collect a Lifeforce Energy because only the ShadowGun will leave the enemies soul behind. Also when fighting The Five the final blow must be with the Shadowgun to truely destroy them.