Surgeon (enemy)Edit

Surgeons work on constructing the physical body of the Trueforms. They are first found in the Asylum: Playrooms, Asylum: Engine Block and Asylum: Lavaducts . They wear white hoods with a black void 'face' with red clothing and harnesses. Their weapons are some sort of machine gun that can shoot long distances with better accuracy than the guard snipers and a baton with a circle saw blade attached to it (shown in photo) that the surgeon will hit Shadow Man with only if he gets too close to him. Surgeons also are the only Asylum resident that can somewhat talk saying what sounds like “Die!” , “Mommy!” , “Blood!”, "Hold Me" and “Pretty pretty” usually when killing Shadowman or when they are fixing to die.

Surgeons play what looks like a minor role in the game but they are more important than at first glance. If it wasn't for them Legion wouldn't have his army of the damned constructed (the Trueforms ) to bring apocalypse.


Embrace Darkshade (talk) 07:10, January 20, 2014 (UTC)