The Temple of Fire ToucherEdit

"Spoken of in whispers at the Deadside margins, in the hushed and shivering tones of the lurking, lurching revenants – these ancient places, blood temples to the Loa, wherein the Dark

Souls did find their secret corner, hidden here by the sanguinary sisters steeped in voodoo lore."

-Shadow Man, at the entrance to the first temple

The first gad (tattoo) temple shadowman will come across. It's a somewhat linear obstacle course to test Shadow Man to see if he is worthy of the tattoos to grip fire. Several rooms must be searched through to find a switch to add another stair step to a large pyramid. Each time a switch is pressed the guardians of the Govi the sisters of blood will awaken and ruthlessly attack you with flying projectiles. Several locations in this stage are inaccessible until later in the game when the player gains more shadow power, items and gads.

Trivia Edit

Toucher in French translates to 'to touch' or 'a person who causes or allows a part of the body to come in contact with someone or something' In this case for Shadow Man to grip the fire blocks to move them out of the way or grab the fire furnace edges in the Asylum.