A hand-mounted, three-barreled, rapid-firing dealer of death. Unlike Mike's other firearms, this weapon was built and designed in The Asylum (presumably by Jack the Ripper). Mike will first come across this weapon locked inside a glass case inside the Asylum Playrooms--Shadow Man will have to acquire at least three Accumulators before he can unlock said case (there are also two smaller glass cases that contain Violator ammunition, each of these also requires one Accumulator to unlock). While these three containment systems can be opened in any order, it obviously makes more sense to get the weapon before the ammo. The Violator fires razor flechettes and can hold a maximum of 999 rounds. There are actually TWO Violators in The Deadside, but the second can only be acquired if you have found all 120 Dark Souls (the Shadow Power Level 10 Coffin Gate leading to it can be found at the beginning of the Deadside Marrow Gates area, above the first Blood Falls).

Additional Info to noteEdit

  • The Playstation (PS1) version of Shadow Man only has one of these devastating weapons; if you gain access to the Coffin Gate described above, you'll find a bonus book containing concept art instead of a second Violator.
  • In the Nintendo 64 (N64) version of Shadow Man you WILL find 2 violators but the last Coffin Gate won't have the concept art book.
  • The PC version contains only one Violator. It is located in the Playrooms where the 3 vitrines stand next to the dark soul container with the inactive trueform monster is lying on the table.
(used from which was referenced from the manual that came with the game & ShadowMan wikipedia page)Edit