Wasteland windmill

Wasteland windmill


"Unsalvaged souls that drift beyond the Marrow Gates for an eternity of waiting. This infinate limbo, this Wasteland, this unfamed unnatural afterbirth I command with my endless darkness. What ineffable secrets are whispered within the Paths of Shadow? What red-edged realities rising bleak above the blasted skyline? Deadwing, Duppie, Zombi-Mother- this voodoo lord outlasts them all."

Shadow Man entrance to WastelandEdit

The Wasteland is the first level Shadowman can unlock after collecting one Govi and opening the second Coffin Gate in the Paths of Shadow. It takes him deeper into Deadside showing more of what Jaunty & Nettie make it out to be. The entire level is a baron wasteland and takes place in a rocky canyon with plenty of bloodfalls, hot coals, Zombies & Dead Wings flying around the place. Most of the Deadside only enemies can be found here.