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Zombie DogsEdit

After Nettie uses the L'Eclipser to bring the nightfall onto Liveside all the Rottweilers turn into Zombie Dogs. They look like inside out skin dogs with ribs and flesh exposed. In Louisiana more of them appear in places where the Rottweilers weren't originally like the swamp from the very beginning of the game. They can dealt ten times more damage to Shadow Man and have higher defense than the Rottweilers and also a lot more defense than the Dogmen . Zombie Dogs are most common in Down St. Station stage and are always in large groups usually seen near blood on the floor and severed limbs probably from Jack the Ripper's victims.

The only exception is in the Mordant St. stage whether or not you are Mike or Shadow Man (day or night) the few dogs that are outside will always be Rottweilers and will always attack you even if you never shot any of the Rottweilers by Nettie's church.

Additional Info

  • When the player very first starts the game the first Rottweiler that Mike encounters in the short cut scene changes from a Zombie Dog then back to a Rottweiler. This encounter is never really explained. Possibly because Mike bears the Mask of Shadows he can see the true demons inside normal living things. The only other similarity is when any of the serial killers are being shot they flicker back in forth from human to Trueform .  


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